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          CH.CV gear serise deceeerators
          WB series of micro cycloldal reducer
          MB series variable reducer
          F3 gear series deceeerators
          PL precision planetart gear boxes
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        WENZHOU HALEI SPEED REOUCER CO.,LTD--Harley-Davidson gear wheel gear of choice Wenzhou Co., Ltd., reducer professional equipment manufacturers. The main products are CH.CV series gear reducer, MB series variable transmission, PL Series precision planetary gear boxes, F3 series gear reducer, WB series micro cycloidal reducer, the trust of the majority of users are welcome to inquire!
        Copyright 2009-2017 Wenzhou Halei Speed Reducer Co., Ltd.
        Company Tel: 0577-86522263  86522363  Fax: 0577-28818012  E-mail:cnhalei@163.com 
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